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Do not disturb or I will beat you: I am busy talking while stationed in the middle of the roadway

Two African taxpayers assaulted by Maltese men.

The scene in the video happened on Saturday 27 March, when two African taxpayers in Malta were verbally and physically assaulted by a group of men. Their crime? They have honked to ask the driver busy in conversation to move his car away from the roadway.

It is not uncommon on Maltese streets to see a car stopped in the middle of the roadway, while its driver is jamming the traffic by talking to someone also engage in the same ill behavior from the opposite line of the roadway.

One gets used to it, as sometimes it can be understood. In fact Maltese streets are narrow and delivery cars most of the time do not have choice but to perform their business in the middle of the streets.

The problem lays where not only delivery drivers are "culprit".

The fact is worrying because it is been normalized and is leading to abuses, when some citizen are convinced that they can block the traffic at their own convenience, physically assaulting anyone who protests, threatening them of death, using verbal racial insults, brandishing a pipe as a weapon to beat the arrogant who dared disturb them.

It is worrying as usually minorities are the one who suffer from abusers.

Under the COVID19 situation, all the energy of the authorities is about protecting the lives of citizen from this illness. It is nevertheless important to remain vigilant and uncover the cowards whose only mean of virility-expression is to tap into their rotten mind eaten by populist propaganda and sheer ignorance.

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