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October Press release

For media contact:

African Media Association Malta

212, Old Bakery street.Valletta

Tel +356 99069363

Press Release.

It all started with the idea of taking advantage of the free google applications available in all mobile phones.

African Media Association Malta (AMAM), in partnership with Solidariedad Sin Fronteras (SSF) in Spain, and Arciragazzi in Italy created a training course targeting Youth Workers dealing with vulnerable groups, especially migrants, whose economic background usually doesn’t allow them to possess a computer.

The idea behind this innovative project is to enrich youth workers with a new resource, in particular the access to vulnerable groups to the digital world by creating a video CV, thus, practising their communication skills and other personal soft skills, while preparing for a potential job interview in the process.

The training course created cover eight main modules:

  • The concept of self-branding and using one’s image on video to promote one’s soft skills.

  • Google maps to find one’s way, and not get lost if looking for a job interview’s location.

  • Drive to learn the cloud and store documents.

  • Gmail to create an email address and get familiar with the means of communication most used by employers.

  • YouTube to store the video CV created.

  • The use of a mobile video editor to edit the video CV produced.

  • An introduction to the Europass CV template.

  • And finally, the training course provides a module where learners will be taught how to find job opportunities online, either through job agencies websites, on social media, or directly in companies portals.

The project, funded by Erasmus Plus, whose final conference will be held in February to publicly present the manual produced, was implemented with activities that involved stakeholders, employers, youth workers and migrants.

Focus groups with employers were organised in Valletta, Madrid and Portici, in order to check the effectiveness of the video CVs produced by migrants during the piloting process lead by youth workers. Employers present represented sectors of activities such as the catering industry, the Humanitarian sector, factories, construction, Education and government entities comprising local councils. Their collective feedback was very positive, as for many, getting to know the job seeker by video before a face to face interview is an interesting element that many mentioned, for the filter role that it can play, an element relevant to many recruiters.

During the piloting process lead by youth workers, the group of migrants who registered to be trained reacted with enthusiasm to the concept of self-branding, but non only, gaining technical skills on digital literacy with their mobile was highly appreciated. Over 80 video CV were produced by migrants from the three countries.

Youth workers who piloted the training have shown a great interest in the modules and have confirmed the pertinence and usefulness of the project, they deem it very important for the work they do with vulnerable groups.

The project, funded by the Erasmus Plus, is scheduled to come to an end in February 2020.

Once ready to be released to the public, the training course will be accessible on multiple platforms online to any public or private actor interested.



Arciragazzi Portici, Via Francesco Bellucci Sessa, 4-24, 80055 Portici NA, Italy. Tel.+39 3471594362

Solidariedad Sin Fronteras. Tarragona 21, Bajo IZQ, 28045 Madrid - Spain. Tel.+34 605298787

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