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Erasmus Plus and “UpGrade_Me”: Transversal and soft skills

“Transversal skills are those typically considered as not specifically related to a particular job, task, academic discipline or area of knowledge but as skills that can be used in a wide variety of situations and work settings”

It's important to know one’s skills in order to continue to progress, because many migrants don’t use at best their soft skills needed to get on in the workplace.

The skills targeted are mostly :

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Adaptability

  • Critical thinking

Presenting yourself

Nowadays people are judged from their appearance and especially during a job interview.

It is really important to make a good first impression. That is why a list of "things to do" is suggested to young people that will have the opportunity to take the training developed by UpGrade_Me.

  • Hygiene: It includes all of the actions you perform in order to be clean and healthy (shower, teeth, nails, beard, hair...)

  • Grooming : You should look presentable and professional. Make a natural makeup and simple hair style will be appreciated. Try to keep covered any tattoos or piercing if you have.

  • Dress Code : Choose your outfit according to the company and the job targeted.

  • Body Language : Don't over-gesture, assume a correct posture, be careful with facial expressions, make eye contact and turn off your mobile phone.

Your CV is your visit card, employers will select you for an interview thanks to that. So, consider the main personal branding principles :

  • TRANSPARENCY and CLARITY: Who are you? Be honest and tell them about your past experiences, your successes and your areas for improvement.

  • YOUR AVAILABILITY: Where, How can you be found?

  • CONTENTS: Your motivation, Describe yourself, Last job.

  • TRANSVERSAL: Don't repeat exactly everything put in your CV, fusion your knowledge with your expériences and the benefits you can bring to the company.

  • PREPARATION : Take information about the company and their core business.

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