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After 5 days at sea, 239 migrants from Africa are still denied access to Europe

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27 June, after 5 days at sea, 239 migrants from Africa are still denied access to Europe. Nobody wants them…About “European values…”

We are not saying that Malta should take them. We are saying that this is the occasion for all to understand what is the “Dublin Regulation” and what it really means.

It is also the occasion to call on African leaders to fight for their people, whose rights are disdained across the globe. Let them know that the absence of their voice in international matters, is the reason of this disregard.

Let them know that their attitude justify the synonym given to them by Trump: “shit holes. No wonder why their people run away from them.

African Media Malta’ Statement on this issue:

Yes, migration is a human right, but the recent events clearly show that, that right is not for all humans.

AMAM demands to African leaders to stand up and fight for their people, as no one will do that for them.

Africa is the wealthier continent on the earth, that wealth must benefit first to the children of that continent.

African leaders and economists must work in order to ensure a sustainable living for their people.

Unfair and criminal economic agreements between Africa and the West must be strapped and African raw materials controlled by Africans, in order to create conditions for a sustainable and good life for Africans in their land.

Education on the History of Africa ( written by African Historians) must be given the priority in the curriculum of studies in Africa in order to enlighten the young generation about South /West relationships.

Updates: At 1pm, 27/06, Maltese Prime minister gave a press conference announcing that the ship will be allowed into the country. He said that decision came after an agreement was reached with eight EU countries that accepted to divide the migrants on board of the vessel among them.

Countries are: Malta, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal.

He added that by the end of the day, other countries might show solidarity

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